Headshot of Kev Morel


I'm Kev, that's me in the picture above (nice hair pic eh)? I am a full-stack developer specializing in JS, CSS & HTML. I have used React, Svelte, PostgreSQL & MongoDB (plus more) and I live near Manchester. I am a Northcoders graduate and have produced numerous websites for musicians, bands and music related organisations.

In the last 12 years I have also: Released an album, produced albums for many artists, set up a record label (which susequently failed), arranged, managed and performed on four European tours, tutored hundreds of music students (drums, percussion, guitar, ukulele, recorder, singing), set up a successful business outsourcing music tutoring in primary schools (successful PRE COVID19, that is) and most importantly I became father to two amazing girls: Isla and Alys.

As with most music industry professionals, I have had a number of 'day jobs', these include:

Wedding singer extraordinaire...

Nearly 10 years working with unbelievably talented children and dedicated staff in primary and high schools all around NW England; taught me how to communicate and teach on a multitude of levels.

These days music is my hobby and my other passions: JS and design drive my career forward. Hit contact or check me out on Github or Linkdin. See you there :)